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Added funds Terms and Conditions

1. The company may offer added funds to its clients. The added funds will provide additional funds which the client can trade with on their account. Added funds and Promotions are for a limited time. Added funds on deposits are applied to the Client’s trading account for the first deposit made (or subsequent deposits if specified and at the sole discretion of 365Markets).

2. The client is never under any obligation to accept the added funds. Once trading commences on an account after a trading added funds have been applied to the available account balance, the client is deemed to have willingly accepted the added funds and it cannot be reversed.

3. The added funds that shall be credited to the Client’s account is subject to comply with the terms of the offer made to the Client, this may include but not limited to making a minimum deposit and/or a minimum level of turnover of the account within a specified period of time.

4. All added funds are offered at 365Markets discretion. 365Markets reserves the right to set, change or annul the criteria for added funds eligibility at its sole discretion. The company will make public the policy, under which you will be entitled to withdraw any added funds received by you and may set, change or annul the criteria for added funds withdrawal.

5. We do not advise that you accept an added funds unless you are committed to trading over a long period of time and understand that all added funds are subject to the following conditions:

a) There are no withdrawals allowed until a trading volume of 40 times the added funds is reached (hereinafter: “the Trading Requirement”).

b) An added fund is not transferable. This means that an added funds provided to one account cannot be transferred to another.

c) Should a client, under any circumstance be suspected of wrong doing or deception, 365Markets reserves the right to cancel added funds, promotions or benefits that have been provided or are expected to be provided to the specified trading account.

d) In the event of suspected fraud or fraudulent activity on your behalf, or if payments by you or on your behalf are charged back, 365Markets retains the right to withhold from your account any amount that is in excess of your original deposit, and, if so deemed necessary by the Company, to initiate any legal proceedings to collect any payments owed by you, and at its sole discretion.