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How To Trade

Trading CFD’s in 365Markets has never been so easier thanks to the use of today’s incredible technological developments. On our custom platform, you can trade 24 hours per day, five days per week, from practically anywhere. If you have a personal computer, an internet connection, and a credit card, you can start trading in the international markets with us, and it can all happen in less than an hour.

Therefore, we offer an easy way to trade our CFDs:

1. Search for the asset in the asset type list, or search for one in the search bar.

2. Click ‘Buy‘ if you think the price will increase in value or ‘Sell‘ if you think the market will fall in value.

3. Select the leverage you would like to use in the leverage tab: Low (1:10), Medium (1:15), or High (1:20). Remember that Leverage allows you to gain a large exposure to a market for a smaller initial deposit.

4. Select the amount of the investment. Remember that the stop loss is an automatic order that provides a stop loss guarantee. The stop loss provides a reinsurance for your trades; not losing the entire balance, just your allocating investment.

5. Set the Take Profit; it is also an automatic order that allows you to set an exit profit amount, while it monitors the market’s movements, and closes the trade automatically when you reach the desired rate.

6. Monitor And Close Your Trade: Once you approve your trade, you will see your profit/loss update in real time at the bottom of the screen. You can exit your trade by clicking the close trade button.



Therefore, we offer an easy way to trade our CFDs